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# yt-linkifier
## Circumvents JewTube and BITCHute auto-embeds by turning them into links, thumbnails, and descriptions in a quote tag for use on web forums.
A little script made by Wrongthink (or BananaMulcher like how he's known as on The Crowhouse forum), with some adjustments done by me for portability sake.\
Also applied his adjustments to my adjustments as he specified in a reply.\
And also added 1 more adjustment, which is that it outputs files in the home directory regardless of where you execute it from.\
Forum thread in question:
To run, download this script into your home directory, then in the Terminal do this ONLY for the first time, no longer needed to do so afterwards:
chmod +x yt-linkifier
Then to run it:
This will output a text file and thumbnails in the home directory which you can then use in for forum posts.\
You will only need to host the thumbnails somewhere, or attach them directly in threads/replies.
By the way, if you want to make it behave more like a normal command line program, add the following in your `.xinitrc` file (not sure for Wayland, but I don't care anyway).
export PATH=$PATH:~/.local/bin
Then create a `bin` folder in the `.local` folder if you haven't done so already.
mkdir -p ~/.local/bin
And move the file into that folder.
mv yt-linkifier ~/.local/bin
So now you can run it like this:

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yttitle=$(yt-dlp -e "$1")
yt-dlp -o "$PWD/%(title)s.%(ext)s" --write-thumbnail --convert-thumbnails jpg --skip-download --write-description "$1"
mogrify -resize 640x360 ~/"$yttitle".jpg
#clickable link, comment out to disable
echo "[size=120][url=$(echo $1 | sed -e 's/;s/;s/')]$yttitle[/url][/size]" > ~/"$yttitle".txt
#thumbnail image, comment out to disable
echo "[attachment=2]$yttitle.jpg[/attachment]" >> ~/"$yttitle".txt
#description quote, comment out to disable
echo "[quote]$(head -n 6 ~/$yttitle.description)...[/quote]" >> ~/"$yttitle".txt
rm -v "$yttitle".description
exit 0